About Us

Building better workplaces

Your company is the sum of the people who make it. They are the ultimate drivers of your success, the ones on the frontline implementing your mission. Getting them on board with your goals and journey requires a culture of engagement and performance that is unique to your organization. While you build this culture, you need a way to systematically manage employee journeys in your organization. This is where the Workline HRMS comes in.

Workline is built by professionals with decades of experience behind them. We've closely seen hundreds of organizations and it is from our experiences, as employees and on the management side, that Workline was born. The problems we are trying to solve are at the heart of good organizational development: How do you get the most out of your people? How do you engage them to share in your vision? How do you create a nurturing environment that inspires and rewards performance? How do you reduce protocol and automate mundane tasks? How do you manage compliances and vendors?

Workline transforms organizations by transforming HR.

We streamline processes, integrate with ERPs and offer a powerful BI tool to give your HR department the strongest foundation to build upon. We aren't a pre-packaged software but a highly customized SaaS solution that enhances HR at all levels. Whether a startup, a legacy company seeking modernization or an industry giant, Workline can help transform businesses of any size with its customized platform.

We are puzzle solvers

Through our decades of experience, we've seen hundreds of organization setups. Companies with multi-country locations, companies staffed with huge amounts of contracted vendors, companies with proprietary performance measurement systems and so much more. What excites us is the number of ways our HRMS system can be configured based on your unique structure. We created Workline to have the kind of flexibility necessary to deliver an HRMS implementation that suits your needs. Our company and our logo is a reflection of this.

Introducing The Tangram

An ancient Chinese game, the Tangram is a puzzle with seven individual pieces that can be rearranged into any number of shapes. This application of creativity with a limited number of components bears a striking similarity to an HRMS. Every HRMS tool offers the same solutions be they payroll management or attendance but few of them allow you to rearrange and assign priority based on your organization's needs. The Workline logo, and indeed our entire organization, is structured to help you crack this puzzle. The seven components of the Tangram align with the 7 key components in an HRMS. It is how we configure your system that allows for the magic to happen.

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