We go the extra mile. Every time.

We are, by nature, a very personalized business. We've seen firsthand how the right HRMS system can change your company's processes, bottomline and future outlook. We've also seen HRMS implementations that are obsolete within days of being launched. Workline's customized and detail oriented approach ensures you have a solution that works from the get go. Unlike HRMS tech companies who offer a product with clear limitations and where the sales and dev team are separate from each other, your Workline implementation is managed throughout by a team that is integrated at every level.

Step 1: Planning

What are your requirements? How do you see your team structure changing? Are you opening new offices and may need more features in the future? The Workline team works with you to identify the best HRMS configuration that suits your needs. Our objective at this stage is to get a perfect brief so you are up and running efficiently as quickly as possible.

Step 2: Customization

How many off-roll employees do you have? How different are your legal compliance processes in the various countries you operate in? Workline is customized to answer the questions unique to your company.

Step 3: Data migration

Your data is losslessly imported into your Workline implementation so we can configure the processes better. We build clear-cut templates and data sharing processes so you can share your HR data with us as per the requirements of the new HRMS configuration. We ensure 100% accuracy so you have everything at your fingertips from the day we go live.

Step 4: Implementation & Testing

Once Workline has configured and built out your HRMS implementation, it is rolled out for testing. In order to catch any missing links, we recommend that our clients invite the C-level team, HR team and users from other departments to test the system and report on any usage improvements or issues.

Step 5: Go Live & Post-Live Support

Your Workline goes live as soon as the test phase is complete and all data has been thoroughly checked. We monitor usage and system performance and are available throughout for any queries or issues. We continuously monitor your implementation to ensure performance remains exemplary at all times and across devices.