Workline is a continuously improved on-demand cloud HR solution. Our intuitive mobile ready interface sits on top of a powerful people management engine that integrates seamlessly with global ERPs. With Workline, your team gets an HR experience they’ll enjoy and you get an easy way to systemize HR functions at scale along with exhaustive realtime analytics, statutory compliances and zero bureaucracy.

Talent Acquisition

Hiring the right people is the first step to delivering excellence. Workline helps you streamline the entire recruitment process right from staff requisitioning to interview management to verification. We customize each stage of the recruitment process with your own processes.

  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Sourcing
  • Evaluation
  • Selection & Appointment

Workforce Engagement

Build a stronger work culture with our workforce engagement module. Workline helps you create a clear communication, workflow and knowledge management channel for your employees leading to more productivity and lesser bureaucracy.

  • Self Service
  • Hierarchy & Workflow
  • Knowledge Base
  • Collaboration
  • Rewards & Recognition

Workforce Management

Manage the, end to end lifecycle of your organization's workforce from onboarding to separation. Employees can upload relevant documents, manage profiles, go through progress in the hierarchy and manage aspects related to separation.

  • On boarding
  • Profile Management
  • Job Status
  • Job Movements
  • Separation

Attendance & Time Off

Give your staff the easiest interface to interact with HR. Our Attendance & Time Off module not only takes care of leave and encashment policies but also helps you create a service desk to address employee concerns.

  • Rostering
  • Attendance
  • Regularisation
  • Leave

Compensation & Benefits

Systemize your workforce compensation planning and budgeting through our Compensation & Benefits module. Workline helps you to also manage incentives, ESOPS, performance linked pay and more.

  • Compensation Categorisation
  • Compensation Structuring
  • Salary Processing
  • Out of Salary Processing
  • Taxation
  • F&F Settlement

Training & Development

Due to Workline's integrated platform, it becomes easy to track performance. You can identify employees who aren't hitting benchmarks and assign development programs. Track the performance improvement after the impact to re-assess employee performance and improve overall productivity.

  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Program Design
  • Curriculum Maintenance
  • Evaluation

Performance & Goals

Create organization wide performance, goals and talent management workflows to manage appraisals, succession and employee progress. workline takes your KRAs & KPIs Link your appraisal workflows to compensation and payroll and create a better, performance oriented culture.

  • Appraisal Planning
  • KRA / KPI Definition
  • Employee Goal Setting
  • Review & Appraisal
  • Moderation & Normalisation

Travel & Expense Management

Manage business travel and non-salary expenses through your Workline dashboard. Employees can raise travel requests and your Travel Executive can coordinate to issue tickets & hotel bookings. Likewise, employees can request reimbursement for expenditure based on enterprise policies. This can be integrated with the accounting system creating a seamless flow.

  • Planning
  • Claims & Processing